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Theekkady is a place which is known as Gift of Nature. It is known for that name because of its beauty.  Thekkady is one of the best hill station in Kerala.
It is a romantic destination for newly wed couples. It offers you a scenic beauty of the nature. You will definitely love the place becaise of its  greeanary.
If you are coming for a Kerla Trip, you must definitely visit Thekkady. Thekkady has a connection with Periyar Tiger Reserve.
How to Reach Thekkady:
1. By Road:
Thekkady has a nearby distance from Kumily which is 150 km from Kottayam. Buses are always available from Kottayam to Kumily. Vistitors can take a cab or taxi to reach Thekady . There are also a good connectivity from other states to Thekady.
2. By Train:
Kottayam railway station is the nearest railwat station to Thekady. It has a distance of 140 km from. Thekady. All trains from different larts of the country are arriving at Kottayam Railway Station. Visitprs can take a cab to go to Thekkady.
3. By Air:
The nearby Airport to Thekkady is Madhurai International Airport. It has a distance of 120 km to Thekady., All major flights from different countries are arriving at Madurai Airport.
Best Time to Visit Thekkady:
1. Winter (October to February):
Winter is the best time to watch the beauty of Munnar.  The temperature at this place will fall down that will make a chilled atmosphere.
2. Summer (March to May):
There will be slightly a rise in temperature in Thekady during summer season. The rush of travelrs coming to see Thekady will be less during this time. At this time the cost of staying in a hotel will he less.
3. Monsoon (June to September):
If you are visiting Thekady during monsoon season,you will get a charming feeling.. There will be slight rainfall along with a breeze that makes an awesome feeling.
Places to see in Thekkady:
1 . Periyar Lake:
Periyar lake is a water body which is artificially constructefd inside the Periyar National Park.This is one of the largest artificial lake in the Kerala. Animals in Periyar National Park used to cone to Periyar Lake to drink water.
2 . Kumily:
Kumily is a hill station that has got its own beauty.It is a small town where a number of shopping center are present. Kumily is one of the Kerala boarder place.
3. Pullumedu:
Pullumedu is one of the beautiful place in Thekady. It is a place which consists of a lot of trees and have a demse vegetation. It is a place under Forest Department. So visitors have to take prior permission from Authorities to enter into it. 
Things to do in Thekkady:
1. Wildlife Tours:
Prriyar Tiger Reserve is conducting Wildlife Tours. Visitors can prebook the safari and can go for an exciting and marvellous safari. You can see animals like elephant,tigers inside the park.
2. Boat Cruises:
There are boat services in Thekkady. You can take tickers and can go for a boat ride. On your ride, you can witness the animals like elephants amd deers coming and drinking water from the lake.
3. Plantation Visits:
There are a large areas of plantations in Thekkady.  You can walk through the plantations and can emjoy the tea estate .
4. Bamboo Rafting:
Rafting is one of the exciting activities in Thekkady. You will get an adventurous feeling after doing this activity Bamboo rafting in Thekkady is famous all over Kerala.
Hotels in Thekkady:
There are hotels in Trivandrum with different star rating. Travelers can stay in hotels or resorts according to their budget.
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