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What to wear while travelling in India?

Are you confused about what to pack while travelling to India? Cotton clothes, jeans, sunglasses, sunscreen, bikini – what to include and what not. The majority of the country is hot and humid. So you need clothes that will keep you cool, but it is also a conservative country and it is not safe or appropriate for women to wear skimpy clothing. A big dilemma! So what on earth do you pack? 

Don’t worry! Here are some tips that will help you choose what to wear while travelling in India

Clothing tips for travel

Loose fitting dresses and light coloured cotton clothes would provide respite to the humid and hot climate of this tropical countryIn the larger cities (Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru) and other major tourist areas (Goa, Agra, Kerala), you can generally get on with less conservative clothing. This means that you can bare your shoulders and knees but not more than that. No matter where you are, you’ll be inviting a lot of attention in spaghetti straps and short shortsBathing suits are obviously okay at the beach, but be aware that while you sunbathe you may get unwanted staresWhen visiting temples, wear casual footwear, as you will have to leave them outside anyway. Men are not allowed to cover their torso while in temple premises, although you can still carry the shirt with you. Check beforehand, if the temple you visit has a no-shirt ruleWomen need to cover their shoulders and legs when entering religious sites. And sometimes women may need to cover the head also. Always carry a scarf to cover yourself up in case it is required in a religious site. It is customary in India that women during their menstruation period strictly avoid temple visitJeans are okay, but it is not advisable to wear them in hot and humid weatherIf you visit a hill station or any other cold destination, remember to carry sweaters and other winter clothesIt is helpful to have an umbrella, as there are chances for an occasional downpour irrespective of the seasonDon’t forget your sunglasses and sunscreen

Women clothing tips

The conventional attire for women in India is saree or salwar kameez

A saree is a fabric 5 to 9 yards in length, and is wrapped around the waist and draped over shoulder generally. The same attire is worn in different ways in different parts of India and is the most commonly worn dress

A salwar kameez is a combination of a loose fitting trouser and a long top. This dress is most common in North India but is now worn by many women in South India, including Kerala

Jeans teamed with tops, T-shirts or kurtas (long tunics) are another commonly seen attire in Kerala nowadays

Men clothing tips

Men in India prefer to wear dhoti and shirt on casual occasions. Dhoti is a long cloth wound around the waist and legs

The traditional attire of Kerala men are Mundu or Lungi combined with shirt

Men also wear jeans or pants and shirt normally

You don’t need to pack all these cotton fabrics from your home country. Plan for a shopping right after you land here

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