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Viral Video on Kerala Tourism

The viral music video on Kerala Tourism received 12 lakh + views on Facebook, after it got

uploaded on It has set a record among the tourism promo videos.

The 4:11 minute song video showcases the state’s nostalgic symbols viz the greenery and

backwaters, performing arts beyond the usually portrayed Kathakali, the thrill of monsoons,

onam, elephants and percussion festivals, snake boat race, martial arts, ayurveda rejuvenation,

importance of rice and harvest seasons, harmonious coexistence of hindu, muslim and christian

cultures, tea and coir makers, and even the singing and enjoying while having the traditional

sadya lunch.

The visuals, which pass in a split of a second, aim to neutralize the possible language barrier for

any non­Malayalee aspiring to explore specialties of the land before paying a visit to Kerala.

The song gets a feminine perspective being female sung, with accompanying male voices that

support the theme of song which project the state as gender­friendly. However, the main focus is

to express the rhythm of Kerala.

Among the viewers' comments, 60% were from outside the state, which according to the tourism

department, is a positive indication of the rising popularity of Kerala as a preferred tourism


See Signature Video, Kerala Tourism:

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