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Ultimate Food Joints of Trivandrum

It is said that people who love food, are the most passionate people on the earth. Undoubtedly, if you are on a vacation, you would love to try different lips smacking cuisines. Food is definitely a big part of our life, and yes it’s a way to happiness. India is known for its variety of spices. Hills, beaches and food, Yes! This is the combination to define God’s Own Country, Kerala. Trying new foodstuffs wherever you go will be a story of your journey. So if you are in Kerala, then here are the best food joints to explore in Trivandrum. 1. Buhari HotelThis restaurant is noted for its flavorsome appetizing food and 24*7 services that help people to relieve their hunger at any hour of a day. Literally Anytime! So if you plan to come back late and is starving then no worries, this restaurant would be your stop for any hour.Famous for:You can find incredible Kerala dishes like puttu with mutton curry, idiyapam, appam, special biryani Chaya and many more.

2. AZAD Hotel (Pazhavangadi, Chalai )

If you are a biryani lover then AZAD is the one for you. Known for its best biryani dishes in the town, the restaurant has many of its chains all across Trivandrum.

Famous for:

It is famous for end number of varieties in biryanis. Mutton Fry, Chicken biryani, Mutton biryani are the most liked food of this restaurant.

3. Nikunjam Restaurant (Vazhathycaud )

If you are not from India and wish to have something that suits your own taste bud then Nikunjam is the place for you. Known for its incredible varieties of fast food, it is one of the best hotels that serve mouthwatering fast food in the town. 

Famous for:

Varieties of burgers, fries and non-vegetarian dishes. If you are in Kerala, you must try beef chilly served by Nikunjam.

4. Vellaymbalam Thattukada

Street foods are the most loved in the country and Vellaymbalam Thattukada offers the yummy plus hygienic Kerala dishes. And the best part of this Thattukadda (Street Stall) is that you can fill your hungry stomach at very reasonable price.

Famous for:

You will get on the spot cooked luscious dishes whenever you make to the wheel joint. It is famous for Porotta, Half chilly chicken, half chicken fry, beef, omelets and so much more.

5. Zam Zam Restaurants

Trivandrum offers chains of Zam Zam restaurants which serves amazing delicious foodstuffs. Zam Zam offers spellbound taste of Kerala recipes which will make you crave to have more and more.

Famous for:

You can try non vegetarian cuisines here. Chicken Shawaya, Al Faham Chicken are the known dishes of this restaurant and it will leave you amaze.

6. Ayswariya Hotel

If you are in Kerala and is still exploring Kerala cuisine then visiting to Ayswariya would be a good idea. This restaurant offers amazing varieties of Kerala dishes. It is One for All. You will get the best of everything here especially non vegetarian cuisine.

Famous for:

The food joint is famous for Kerala Porathas, Mutton Chaps, Chicken fry and a lot more.

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