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Tourism in Kerala

Ecotourism in Kerala

Kerala's beauty is no longer a secret to the world these days. A large number of tourists are coming from different parts of the country to Kerala nowadays because of its beauty. The beauty of Kerala has been increased because of its the environment and local people staying who inhabits at these places. Kerala is a place which is free from pollution , less croudes and can enjoy your vacation by seeing mind blowing greenery.

There are many resources and places that you can watch and Enjoy. In By visiting Alleppey, which os known as the backwater capital of Kerala. You can enjoy the beach beauty and the beauty of backwaters , stay in Houseboat by visiting Aleppey.

When you are visiting Kerala, the one of the best thing thtat would amaze you will be the support and the way the local people treat . Among Keralalites , from traditional period there is a saying 'Athidhi Devo Bhava' which means 'Guest should be treated as Gods'. Still in these centuries also, people are following that tradition.

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