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Scuba Diving in Kovalam! Yes its true !

All you people looking out for adventure and a trip to experience the love of nature, this is your chance to live it. Scuba Diving has started from 16th of April at Kovalam, Trivandrum,Kerala. If you want to explore the underwater beauty of Kerala and dive into the world of aquatic beings, then pack up your bags and rush to the famous beach resort, Somatheeram in Kovalam.  This was made possible by the Department of Ports at the Lighthouse beach in Kovalam.

Initial Training

An initial training will be given in the sea or the pool of the resort to the people without prior experience. You will have a chance to have a look at the multipurpose artificial reef installed between the lighthouse and the Edakkal rocks of the Lighthouse beach and the marine life around it.


At a time only four people can undertake scuba diving. You’ll be charged with a minimal amount of Rs. 5000 per person. You will be taken 500m away from the shore in a boat in morning and another boat will be tailing you. You can go to a depth of 5ft.

Your Safety!

Five sets of swimsuit, breathing apparatus, and swimming goggles will be provided to you be the Department. Safety being the utmost priority, each diver will be accompanied by trained professionals from the National Institute of Water Sports. Do bring your waterproof camera to capture the life-time experience in a piece of paper.

An age limit of 15 is set for the scuba diving i.e. one should be above 15 to be able to dive in, for the safety measures. This scuba diving is managed by the Kerala Adventure Tourism Promotion Society.

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Now get into your wildest fears and perform all your dream fantasies at the most beautiful beach city, Kovalam in Kerala.

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