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Ponmudi - Hillstation of Trivandrum

Ponmudi Hill station is one of the best Hill station on Capital City Trivandrum .Ponmudi Hill station is a part of Western Ghats thelat has a scenic view of hilly green landscapes at its top. It is a favourate place for travellers who love greenery and peaceful environment. There is a waterfall which is called Meenmutty Water fall that is situated just 2 km from Ponmudi base . This place has a large variety of flaurs and fauna. There are many variety of birds that can be seen at Ponmudi and it is one of the favourate spot of Birdwatchers.

Best time to visit

The weather in Kerala is pleasant for the whole year. Ponmudi will be having its charming beauty during Monsoon Season. It is the best time to visit Ponmudi. The hill Station will be covered with mist and fog at this time. During heavy rainfall, the toad to Ponmudi will be closed because of landslides. It is safer to visit Ponmudi during winter season.

The best time that is advisable to visit Ponmudi is early mornings. This will be the time of sunrise an

d it will be mind blowing experience to see the sunrise from a hill station. The hill station os really hot during Summer Season.

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