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Kerala Tours from Shanghai


Idukki is one of the best hill station in Gods own Country. Idukki is a district in Kerala which is covered with green hills and mountains.

Idukki is known as Nature's gift for Kerala. It is known for its awesome beauty and greenary. It is a place for nature lovers. All places related to nature can be seen at Idukki. There are natural parks, water falls, hills mountains, rivers in this place.

Sulthan Bathery

Sulthan Bathery is a hill station which is located nearby to Wayanad. Sulthan bathery is the largest city in Wayanad amd is the Kerala Tamil Nadu Border.

There are a lot of sky touching hills in Sulthan Bathery that gives visitors a heartwarming feeling. The climate in Sulthan Bathery is amazing. It is always pleasent and there will always be a cool breeze.

Marari Beach

Mararikulam is a beach village in Kerala that has a short distance from Aleppey. The beach at Mararikulam is calm and quiet. The peaceful beach in Mararikulam makes it the favourate beach of visitors.

Mararikulam is 10 km away from Aleppey. Mararikulam is a fishing village. Visitors can see fisherman fishing with nets in Mararikulam.


Theekkady is a place which is known as Gift of Nature. It is known for that name because of its beauty. Thekkady is one of the best hill station in Kerala.

It is a romantic destination for newly wed couples. It offers you a scenic beauty of the nature. You will definitely love the place becaise of its greeanary.

If you are coming for a Kerala Trip, you must definitely visit Thekkady. Thekkady has a connection with Periyar Tiger Reserve.

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