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Kerala – The Spice Capital of the World

This article is primarily about the spice experience Kerala offers to travellers.

Pepper, Cardamom, Vanilla, Coffee, Tea, Clove, Nutmeg … – the smell of these spices in the air gives Kerala an aromatic aura. From historic times, the state has been recognised and sought after as The Spice Capital of The World. Travellers around the world journeyed here to trade the spices. It is believed that the spice trade dates back to 3000 years.

Kerala produces a lion share of India’s exported Cardamom and a majority of ‘Black Gold’ Pepper. The state also leads in the production of Nutmeg and Cloves. Black Pepper still remains the King of Kerala’s spices.It is the geographical and climatic peculiarities of the mountainous terrains of Kerala that makes it ideal for spice cultivation. The hillside destinations like Munnar, Thekkady and Wayanad along the Western Ghats are famous for lush spice lands

Spice Tourism has been a highlight of the state. The renowned spice plantations are located amidst greenery and cool climate and are excellent picnic spots for a weekend trip. Spice Walk, Campfire, Treetop Lunch, and Spice Shopping make the tour packages attractive. The resorts and homestays of Kerala organise Spice Tours

For what it is worth, Kerala Spice Tours are immensely educative experiences. Touring through spice gardens will transform your idea of what spices really taste and smell like

Following are the major spice tour destinations in Kerala that are worth a visit:

o   Spice Plantations in Wayanad

o   Spice Plantations in Munnar

o   Spice Plantations and shops at Kumily, Thekkady

o   Spice Market at Fort Kochi

o    ‘Flavorit’ premium spice shop at Lulu Mall, Kochi

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