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Houseboat Experience at Alappuzha

A houseboat ride along the Backwaters of Kerala is a unique experience. This is why it is the most sought after and in-demand thing for Kerala tourists. Boats like hotels come in various classifications like budget, deluxe and premium. Quality of experience and cost are different for each

You check in to the houseboat at 12:00 noon. You will see that this is not just a water vehicle. It has all necessary amenities of a home – bedroom, dining, kitchen, wash area and bathroom. The best part is sitting and relaxing at the front area of boat where you end up spending most of the cruise time. You are greeted into the houseboat with a welcome drink. There is a boat driver and chef to assist you.The boat house slowly starts its water journey. This is a soothing experience. There is a lunch halt for 1 hour close to 1:00 pm. You shall be served traditional Kerala style lunch, the Sadya with various veg and non veg delicacies. Non veg specialty includes Karimeen Fish Fry, the local best lake fish. Food preferences need to be communicated early, especially if you are a vegetarian or if you are very specific about something. After lunch, the boat again starts moving

The possible experiences in the journey include a view of the famous backwaters of Kerala along Alappuzha, various lakes, view of lakeside villages and lifestyle, ducks or migratory birds, paddy fields which are lowest extreme points in India below sea level. You may also get to see other houseboats or country boats along the ride. You get to cruise for 4 hours in the boat after which the boat is stationed near a block of the lake in the evening, till morning.You enjoy a calm evening time. Dinner shall be served as per the general menu, taking into account preferences. Ac in houseboat is from 8:00 pm till 6:00 am. You get a good sleep in your lightly floating home.

Day next the boat again starts moving to reach the start point. In the meanwhile you get ready to depart from your floating house. There is an option for village backwater canoeing or kayaking early morning aside Alappuzha backwaters. Breakfast is traditional Kerala style healthy foods, like Appam or Puttu. Boat reaches the start point by 9:00 am, and you check out from the boat with the memory of a wonderful day and night well spent in the boat house.

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