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E Visa from China to India (E-TV)

The Embassy of India in Beijing has informed that Government of India has decided to further liberalise its e-visa policy for Chinese nationals. The liberalisation is from the perspective of duration and fee of e-visas.


1. From October 2019 onwards, Chinese nationals can apply for e-Tourist visa (e-TV) of a 5 year validity with multiple entries. The visa fee for this 5 year multiple entry e-TV will be US$ 80.


2. In addition, it has also been decided that prospective tourists can avail single entry 30 day validity e-TV at a reduced visa fee of US$ 25. For a 30 day e-TV during the months of April to June, the visa fee will be only US$ 10.


3. The one year multiple entry e-TV will continue to be offered but at a reduced visa fee of US$ 40.


4. In addition to the above e-TV, the existing e-medical visa, e-conference visa and the one year multiple entry e-business visa will continue to be issued from the online platform of Indian visas. Further details on electronic visas can be obtained from the following weblink:


5. It is anticipated that this unilateral liberalisation of e-TV for Chinese nationals will further enhance people-to-people exchanges between the two countries and encourage more Chinese tourists to choose India as a destination for tourism purposes.


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