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Celebrate your Christmas Vacation at Kerala - God's own Country

Sulthan Bathery is a hill station which is located nearby to Wayanad. Sulthan bathery is the largest city in Wayanad amd is the Kerala Tamil Nadu Border.

There are a lot of sky touching hills in Sulthan Bathery that gives visitors a heartwarming feeling. The climate in Sulthan Bathery is amazing. It is always pleasent and there will always be a cool breeze.

Munnar is one of the most embarrassing hill stations in Kerala. It is a scenic destination in God's own country. The height from sea level is 1700m. Munnar is known for its western ghats.

Munnar is a place that which is a home for divere of flaura and fauna. There are many thingsvand activities that you can do during your visit to Munnar. Munnar was once a tourist destination of British officials during summer season.

Wayand is one of the best tourist destination in Kerala. Wayanad os famous for its mind blowing Hills. Wayanad is situated at a height if 2000 m from Sea level.

Wayanad has got its beauty because it is covered with evergreen forest. As it is a greenish and nature loving place , it is an ideal location for all class of travellers. There are lot of activities to do in Wayanad for all types of travellers. The honeymoners can seek a romantic atmosphere in Wayand, the adventure lovers can perform many activities like trekking in Wayand. There are forest in Wayanad which is a home for large number of wildlife species.

Vagamon is a hill station that is not familiar with the outsiders of Kerala. This is located in Idukki district which is known as District of Hill Station in Kerala.

Vagamon was found out by British. This was one of the vacation spot of British officers. They also planted tea plantations in Vagamon. Vagamon has got its beauty because it is guardes by three hills - Thangal,Murugan and Kurisumala. There are a lot of pine forests in Vagamon.

Theekkady is a place which is known as Gift of Nature. It is known for that name because of its beauty. Thekkady is one of the best hill station in Kerala.

It is a romantic destination for newly wed couples. It offers you a scenic beauty of the nature. You will definitely love the place becaise of its greeanary.

If you are coming for a Kerla Trip, you must definitely visit Thekkady. Thekkady has a connection with Periyar Tiger Reserve.

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