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Best Restaurants in Trivandrum

There are many good hotels in Trivandrum where good food is available.

Hotel Rahmaniya – Kethel’s Chicken (Chalai Market)

This os a famous hotel in Trivandrum that was established in 1949., This is one of the most traditional hotel in Kerala. The hotel is known for its Chicken Fry. Its called as 'Kethels Chicken Fry'.It is located at the center of Chalai Market. The Chicken Fry,along with Chapathi will be served on a banana lead.

Buhari Hotel (Attakulangara Jn.)

Buhari i sthe only hotel that works 24 hrs in Trivandrum City. If you are going there even at 2 am, you will find it hard to get a table. It is famous for Mutton-Puttu combination and 'Biriyani Chaya'.


AZAD is the hotel where you will be getting the best biriyani in Trivandrum. They have got outlets at different places in Trivandrum City. You must try Chicken Biriyani and Mutton Biriyani from AZAD.


Zamzam is one of the best restaurant in Trivandrum. It has git many of its branches in Trivandrum City. People of all age group love food from ZamZam. ZamZam is famous yits Chicken Shawaya and Chicken Al-Faham.

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