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Poovar is a magical place where Land,river, sea,ponds meet together.You can enjoy beach fun at beach.Poovar is a loacated in the coastal areas of Trivandrum. There are a lot of activities that a visitors can do in Poovar.

How to Reach Poovar:

1.By Road:

Poovar is located in the capital city of Kerala. Buses are always available from Trivandrum to Poovar. Povar has a good connectivity with Trivandrum City.

2. By Train:

The nearest railway station to Poovar is Trivandrum Central Railway Station.Visitors can hire a taxi or private vehicle to reach Poovar.

3. By Air:

The nearest airport to Poovar is Trivandrum International Airport. The distance to Poovar from Airport is 45 km. Visitors can hire a taxi or private vehicle to reach Poovar.

Best Time to Visit Poovar:

Winter (October – February) –

The best time to visit Poovar is Winter. The temperature starts falling down during this season. There will be a cool atmosphere at this time.

Places to Visit around Poovar:

Vizhinjam International Seaport

If you are visiting Poovar, Vizhinjam international Seaport is a must place that you should see. It has a distance of 10 km from the Poovar island. This is one of the major attractions in Poovar.

Shankumugham Beach

Shankumukahm beach is one of the most serene beach in Trivandrum. The view of sunset from is beach is really good. It is 15 km away from Poovar.

Vizhinjam Cave Temple

Vizhinjam Cave Temple is one of the pilgrimage centre for Hindus. This temple was built in ancient times.This is one of the religious centre of Hindus.

Kuthira Malika Palace:

Kuthiramalika Palace is one of the palaces which was built during ancient times. There are many histories behind this palace. This building was built in Kerala Architecture amd has a lot of wooden carvings.

Things to Do in Poovar:

Beach Visits: There areany beaches in Poovar. Visitors can do different kinds of beach activities like Surfing,Beach bathes in these beaches.

Historical Tours:

There are many historical buildings in Poovar. The history of Trivandrum and Kerala sleeps in these building. Visitors can see different types of Artbwork done in these building during ancient times.

Hotels around Poovar:

There are many hotels in Poovar where you can stay according to your budget.

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