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Palakkad is not a well known tourist destination but it has got itsbown beauty. The city has got a lot of cillages and house that are build up and now running in Kerala's Traditional style.In Palaklad, you can visit a lot of traditional buildings that were built using Kerala Architecture style.
There are a large number of coconut groves in Palakkad. This will give a new exciting experience to visitors who are coming fron outside Kerala. It is also known as 'Land of Palmyra' tress because it has got a lot of trees.
How to Reach Palakkad:
1. By Road:
Palakkad has a good connectivity with all cities in Kerala and other neighbouring states.Buses are always available from different parts of the state and nearby states.
2. By Train:
Palakkad has got its own railway station. The railway station is in the junction itself. So the visitors have no need to travel a long distance from railway station.
3. By Air:
The nearest airport to Palakkad is Coimbatore International Airport. The distance fron Airport to Palakkad is 50 km. Visitors can hire a taxi to Palkkad.
Best Time to Visit Palakkad
Winter is the vest time time visit Palakkad. The temperature at Palakkad falls down during winter. The weather will be pleasant during this time and the visitors can enjoy the sightseeing.
Places to Visit in Palakkad
1. Palakkad Fort
Palakkad fort which is also known as Tippu's fort is one of the famous building in the history of Kerala. This was constructed during 18 th century. Palakkad fort is constructed using Kerala Architecture.
2. Silent Valley National Park
Silent Valley National park is a famous park in Kerala which was considered by UNESCO because of its beauty. It is a home for a large number of animals and birds. It is covered with evergreen forest. There are a large number of animals that include 38 mammal species, 300 avifauna species, 21 reptile species, 33 amphibian species, 119 orchids species.
3. Pothundi Dam and Reservoir
 Pothundi dam is a reservoir that was constructed by British in earlier centuries. This was constructed using jaggery and quick lime. The engjneering work of dam is really awesome and it should be witnessed.
Nelliyampathy Hills
Nelliyampathy is a hill station which is popularly known as 'Second Ooty'.  It is fully covered with green vegeetative cover. View from the top of the Nelliyampathy hills is scenic and will provide a heartwarming feeling to the visitors.
Malampuzha Dam 
Malambuzha dam is the largest water reservoir in Kerala. It has got a height of 350 m. The dam is built across Malambuzha River. The greenery around the Dam will give the visitors a mind blowing experience.
Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary: 
Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary is a home for a large number of wild animals. There are a lot of wildlife species staying inside this park. If you are visiting this park, you can see a lot if rare wild species.
Things to Do in Palakkad
Wildlife Tours


There are  national wildlife parks in Palakkad. There are wildlife tours conducted by park autjorities. You can take tickets and and can see the rare wildlife species inside the park.
Historical Tours
There are a lot of historical buildings in Palakkad. All historical buildings have a connection with the history of Kerala. Visitors coming to Palakkad should visit all these buildings.
Hotels in Palakkad
There are different types of hotels in Palakkad. You can stay in any hotel according to your comfortablity and budget.
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