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Kuruvadweep is an island that is located in Wayanad. It is an island that is spread across 900 acres. There is no inhabitants in this island. A large number of birds that includes rare species of birds migrates to this island because of the availability of food in this place. 
Visitors can reach this island only through boat. There is a floating fibre boat that is arranged by Kerala Tourism Department to reach Kuruvadweep . 
How to Reach Kuruvadweep
1. By Road:
Visitors have to reach Kalpetta which is one of the Major Tourist Destinations. Kalpetta has a good connection with all major places in the State. To reach Kuruvadweep ,you will have to take a boat ride.
2. By Train:
Nilambur Railway Station is the railway station that is available near Kuruvadweep . Visitors have to reach Kalpetta from Nilambur and have to take a boat ride. 
3. By Air:
Calicut International Airport is the nearest Airport to this place.  Visitors have to reach Kalpetta by road and after that to reach Kuruvadweep ,you have to take a boat ride.
Preferable Time to Visit Kuruvadweep
December to April (late) –  
Winter season is the time that is good and allowed to enter KuruvaDeep. By visiting Kuruvadeep at this time,you can see a large variety of birds coming to this island for food. This will be a heart warming experience to bird lovers.
Kuruvadweep Entry Timings
Operational Days: Tuesday to Sunday (Closed on Monday)
Visiting Hours: 09:30AM to 03:30PM
Kuruvadweep Ticket Rates
Adults (Indian): INR 80
Children (Indian): INR 55
Foreigners: INR 150
Photo Camera: INR 30
Video Camera: Not Allowed
Kuruvadweep Parking Fee
Two Wheelers: INR 10
Three Wheelers: INR 30
Four Wheelers: INR 50
Bus / Mini Bus: INR 80
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