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Kovalam is a tourist destination which is known as 'Beach Capital of Kerala'! Kovalam beach is a fabulous beach in Trivandrum City . This is one of the major tourist destination in Trivandrum City.
The beauty of Kovalam Beach was found by Maharani Sethu Lekshmi Bhai- Maharani of Travancore. Her nephew took over this Kovalam beach and promoted the tourism.
Kovalam is a place where a large number of visitors from foreign countries are visiting. The foreigners to Kovalam Beach are increasing day by day because of its beauty. Kovalam -. The Beach Capital of Kerala is  a beach which is emerging to the World's top class tourist destination.
How to Reach Kovalam:
1.By Road:
Kovalam is a place that has a good connectivity with all states in Kerala. There are buses to Trivandrum from different parts of the state. Private cabs are also available to reach Kovalam from Trivandrum.
2. By Train:
The nearest Railway Station is Trivandrum Railway station which has a distance of 12 km from Kovalam. Trains from different parts of the country are coming to Trivandrum. Travellers can hire a private cab from the railway station.
3. By Air:
The nearest airport is Trivandrum International Airport which is having a distance of  10 km from Kovalam. 
Best Time to Visit Kovalam:
1. Winter (November to February):
Winter is the best time to visit Kovalam. During winter season, Kovalam beach will be in full beauty and the travelers can perform a wide range of activities at this time. The climate during winter season will be calm and quiet.
2. Summer (March to May):
During summer season,there will be a slight rise in temperature. This is not an ideal season to visit Kovalam because this time will be hot. But there will be cool wind from the sea and can perform different kinds of activities.
3. Monsoon (June to August):
During rainy season, Kovalam posseses a special beauty. Kovalam has a special face during this season. During this period of time there is less chance of sunrise in Kovalam.
Places to Visit in Kovalam:
1. Lighthouse Beach
This is one of the most popular structure in Kerala. This is one of the major attraction which os located in the south end of the beach 
2. Hawah Beach
Hawah beach is also called Eve's beach. There are a lot of rock formations in this beach. So beach bath in this beach is not possible. The rock formations in the beach increases the beauty of  the Hawah Beach.  
3. Samudra Beach:
This is one of the most beautiful beach in Kovalam. There are low number of crowds seen in this beach.  This is a good advantage for the travelers to enjoy their activities in the beach.
4. Vellayani Lake:
Vellayani Lake is the most beautiful lake in Trivandrum.It is located nearby to kovalam. The travelers who are visiting Kovalam must visit Velllayani Lake. Vellayani lake is a place where a large number of migrating birds arrive. 
Things to do in Kovalam:
1. Beach Activities:
There are a large number of beach activities that can be done in Kovalam. You can enjoy all the activities which include beach bathing, sunkissing etc.
2. Surfing:
Surfing is the best activity that you should do in in your Kovalam trip. The calm and quiet waves of Arabian sea will increase the thrill of surfing. There are surfing classes for beginners at Kovalam.
Hotels in Kovalam:
There are many hotels where travelers can stay according to your budget. 
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