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Kochi is one of the best tourist destination in Kerlala that has an  enchanting charm of the Arabian Sea. Kochi is a city which is devolped and enhance with modern way of a city. Kochi js situated in Ernakulam District and its is well known as the queen of Aravian Sea.
Kochi is an city which was ruled by British and Portuguese. There are many building and monument of foreigners in Kochi.  It was one of the space trade centres as it has a short connection to the Arabian Sea.
Kochi is rated as tye one of the most beautiful city by Nation Geographic travel magazine. Kochi has a lot of history and culture. Kochi city has got many traditional and cultural values. Kochi is a good place for travelers planning for Kerala Trip.
How to Reach Kochi:
1. By Road:
There are KSRTC buses to Kochi from different parts of the state every time. Travellers coming from other states like Bangalore , Chennai can reach Kochi by road 
2. By Train:
There are two nearby railway stations in Kochi. Ernakilam south Railway Station and Ernakulam North Railway station. Both railway station are main railway station amd most train connecting different states have stop.
3. By Air:
One of important airport in Kerala Cochin International Airport is located at Kochi. There are service from all major airports to  Cochin International Airport. 
Best Time to Visit Kochi:
1.Winter (October to February):
The ambiance in Kochi is really good in winter season. There are many good options for visitors in Kochi during this season. Winter is a good time for visitors coming for honeymoon.
2. Summer (March to June):
The temperature in Kochi start increasing during summer season. But the summer in Kochi is not that high. There are many activities in Kochi that can ve done during Summer season
3. Monsoon (July to September):
This is the tourist season of Kochi. Travellers love to come to Kochi during summer season.  The entire texture of tne city change during this season.
Places to Visit in Kochi:
1.Fort Kochi:
Fort Kochi is a trade center where the traders from the different places meet and do their trading business . There are many palces to walking with good sightseeing.
2. Vasco House:
Vaso House is the residence of Vas Co da Gama who is considered as the first foreigner who visited Kochi. 
3. Santa Cruz Basilica:
Santa Cruz Basilica was constructed by Dutch people who came here in past centuries. This was destroyed by British and was rebuilt.
4. Dutch Palace:
The  Dutch palace was built by Portuguese and Dutch People. This was gifted to Raja by these people. This palace was built by combining Portuguese and Malabar Architecture.  There are antient paintings and mural arts inside the palace .
5. Mangalavanam Bird Sanctuary:
Mangalavanam Bird Sanctuary is a home for a large number of birds. This are a large number of birds in the sanctuary. This will an interesting palce for natire ajd bird lovers.
Things to do in Kochi:
1. Sightseeing:
There are lot of places for sightseeing in Kochi. There are many historical buildings in kochi whose architecture and interior work should be seen. Then there are many interesting places in Kochi that visitors should see.
2. Cultural Tours:
By visiting Kochi, Visitors can see many cultural and traditional centres of Gods own country. You can see the various art forms of Kerala like Kathakali etc by visiting Kochi 
4. Visit Chinese Fishing Nets:
Fishing is the main job of lot of people residing in Kochi. There are Chinese fishing nets in Kochi where visitors must see during their visit to Kochi.
Hotels in Kochi:
There are many hotels for stay in different parts of Kochi. There are hotels in cities as well as in Back water side. 
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