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Aleppey is known as 'Backwater Capital Of Kerala'. Aleppey is one of the most beautiful and scenic tourist destination in God's own Country- Kerlaa.  Aleppey is also known as 'Venice of East'. The backwaters of Aleppey are very much interesting for the visitors who are coming from different parts of the world.
Aleppey has got its scenic beauty because of the presence of evergreen coconut groves, and its natural boundaries.  Aleppey or Alappuzha is a city that enhance backwaters. All types of travelers like nature love ,romatic couples, photograhers loves Aleppey very much.
How to Reach Alleppey:
1. By Road:
Aleppey is connected with all Major cities in Kerala. There are bus services from different parts of the state to Aleppey.  
2. By Train:
Aleppey has got its own railway station.All major trains from different part of the country are passing through Aleppey. 
3. By Air:
The nearest airport to Aleppey is Cocuin International Airport. This airport has a good connectivity with all major countries in the world. Travelers can book a cab or private vehicle to come to Backwater Capital of Kerala.
Best Time to Visit Alleppey:
1. Winter (December to February):
Winter is the best time to witness the beauty of Backwater Capital of Kerala. The weather remains pleasant during this period and visitors amcan enjoy their holidays in pleasant atmosphere.
2. Summer (March to May):
During Summer season, there will be a gradual rise in temperature at Aleppey. At this time, the hailing of visitors to Aleppey will be less as compared to other seasons.
3Monsoon (June to September):
The texture of Aleppey changes during Monsoon Season. Aleppey regains its full beauty at this time. Even though Aleppey is beautiful at this time period, there will be rain pouring all the time.
Places to Visit in Alleppey:
1. Alleppey Beach
This is one of the interesting place for beach lovers in Aleppey. Aleppey beach is a calm and quiet beach. You can enjoy all beach activities that include Surfing,beach  bathing etc in Aleppey Beach.
2. Krishnapuram Palace:
Krishnapuram Palace is one of the main sightseeing destination in Aleppeey. It was built my Mahaaraja Marthadavarama in 18 th Century. It is a typical Kerala Architecture style and has 2 storeys.
3. Punnamada Lake:
Punnamada Lake is a lake in Aleppey where activities like Houseboat cruising are done.  The journey through this lake is a mind blowing experience by seeing the beauty of the Nature.
4. Kuttanad:
Kuttanad is a beautiful village in Aleppey. This village is known for its beauty becaise of its greenery  There are a lot of paddy fields in Kuttanad.  The greenery of Kuttanadu will make the visitors an amazing experience.
Things to do in Alleppey
1. Houseboat Cruises:
Aleppey is known for Houseboat cruising. The main activity of Aleppey is houseboat cruising. Visitors will get an awesome feeling during this activity. The houseboat will take you the places where the Aleppey has its extreme beauty.
2. Beach Tours:
There are beaches in Aleppey that are calm and quiet. As the beaches are calm and quiet,the visitors can do different types of beach fun in that beach.
3. Village Tours:
There are a lot of beautiful villages in Aleppey. Visiting these villages that are covered with greeneybwill give you a heartwarming experience. There will be many things that you haven't seen before in the Villages of Aleppey.
4. Enjoy Snake Boat Race:
In Aleppey, a famous boat race called ' Nehru Trophie' is conducted in the month of August. Visitors can see the competetive race if yiu are visiting Aleppey during August.
Hotels in Alleppey:
There are many hotels and backwater resorts in Aleppey. Usually the visitors prefer to stay in Houseboat to enjoy the beauty of Aleppey.
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