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Created with the intention of providing best-in-class travel services, the company has modelled its products and services to suit the needs of the multitude of customers it has to service. Customer satisfaction is the prime priority.  The company is focused on helping travelers with wholesome travel experiences. A 24/7 call center which supports customers is also open to travel enthusiasts who will be provided with FREE travel advice by the company's travel experts. The fundamental vision that drives sliptotrip forward is creating job opportunities and thereby giving back to the society

Our Commitment

We have started up operations with some core ideals in mind. Having resolved to stick with those under all circumstances, we commit to

  • Unparalleled quality of service

  • Competitive pricing

  • Flawless assistance during a trip

  • Guaranteed satisfaction

  • Free travel advice for our guests/any tourist

Our belief is that as we grow so should the society. We promise our customers 

  • At least one homeless person would be fed while you travel with us

  • Creation of more direct and indirect employment

  • Promotion of responsible tourism

  • Supporting conservation of nature and heritage

Our Story

In August 2013 one of our  Directors, working as an IT consultant in UK, was approached with a request. A colleague wanted some help with planning a trip to Kerala. Having taken this up and after considerable deliberation on the same, it was understood that there weren’t many good service providers who offer competitive rates. A trip was organized for the colleague which formed our first tie-up with a resort and a cab service provider. The colleague returned from the trip happy, satisfied and refreshed

Sliptotrip, as an idea, was conceived at this juncture. The realization that quality service could be provided to travelers and that this would be an opportunity to create employment, brought about the creation of a like-minded team to take this forward

Then started the process of liaising with multiple service providers all across Kerala. A steady number of customers kept availing of our services, mostly friends and acquaintances

The idea was to create a lean working model, whereby employees could work from home. This could be achieved only by a cloud-based model. Cloud-based solutions have been implemented for all major functions of our business like call center, accounting, operations and project management

Our foray into the tourism market has been slow and calculated. We tried and tested the cloud-based model first and got a hang of it before going ahead and amassing a huge customer base. We started our operations in Kerala, attending customers who came to us via acquaintances

With a year of operations, 100% satisfied customers, tie-ups with over 200 resorts/hotels and over 30 cab/bus agencies, and an effective work model backing us, we are now ready to take on a surge of customers. As a result, we have now extended our operations to other parts of South India

Now, with 5 years of operations we continue to have 100% satisfied customers, corporate contracts, service apartments and more reasons to bring that smile on our guests.

We welcome you to travel with us. We are sure you’ll be back for more

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